Welcome Drinks – Wed Feb 14 – 6pm

welcome drinks

A warm welcome…

…to all new and returning Telopea parents!

This year is already shaping up to be an even better year than last year. Do you have lots of great ideas for fun events and school community projects? If so, then we’re definitely keen to get them up and running this year.

The P&C has some great sub-committees for those of you who aren’t looking for an officebearing role but just want to join in and be involved. The Fundraising subcommittee is just one great group of parents who is actively involved in organising fun events: Primary Disco, French Breakfast, La Grande Fete…

Want to find out more about what we do?

Come along to our Welcome Drinks and AGM Evening!

AGM Agenda and associated documents will be available for download 24-48 hours prior to the meeting.

A list and description of the P&C positions can be downloaded from the P&C website:

Know someone who isn’t on our emailing list yet?

The P&C communicates regularly by email with interested parents, guardians and carers. By subscribing to our list, we can quickly inform you about P&C meetings, events and projects that occur throughout the school year.  If someone you know is keen to learn more about the school, please direct them to our website.

Please note that the P&C’s email list is separate from the school list. If you want to receive communications from the school, please contact the school directly.