School Committees

There are a number of school committees in which parents are invited to participate and represent the P&C. In 2015, the following school committees will be seeking parent/carer representation. Please contact the P&C President or indicate your interest at the P&C AGM on February 11 if you are keen to represent Telopea parents and carers on the following school committees:


  • Curriculum Committee (Chair: Tom Kobal)

  • Gifted &Talented Committee (Chair: Robin Egerton)

  • Bilingual Education Committee (Chair: Julien Dugas)

  • IT Committee (Chair: Tom Spollard)

  • Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Committee (Chair: Tom Spollard)

  • Health Promoting School Committee (Chair: Mary De Poorter)

  • Reconciliation Action Plan Committee (Chair: Mary De Poorter)