School Canteen

School canteens provide a range of options for students….well it would if we had one.

As of 2022 we have been without a school canteen for well over 18 months. The former operator retired, and despite multiple offers from other operators (even one who runs a canteen in a nearby ACT public school), the Directorate has not approved anyone to take over the operations.

So while you are making that umpteenth vegemite and cheese sandwich while rushing to get ready for work, consider sending an email to the school to ask ‘just how long will the school be without this most basic service?’

Stop the presses folks! It looks like we might, maybe, hopefully have a canteen service up and running in term 2, 2022. And it might, maybe, hopefully also be pretty awesome. So cross your fingers, take a breath and keep those vegemite sandwiches going for just a bit longer.