Learning support: French

July 2022

Supporting bilingual kids in their schooling is a challenge for all parents, no matter what your language skills are. Becoming fluent in French is difficult for any child being raised in a dominant English-speaking society, as they have less exposure to French language even if it is spoken in the home. In fact, our bilingual program was originally a private program started over 60 years ago by Canberra French residents to address the language attrition of their Australian-French children. So don’t feel bad if you find it hard going….it’s hard for everyone! But we have put together some handy tips and tricks to smuggle in extra french that doesn’t look like homework…. (just like veggies in the bolognese).

This page is an ongoing project, so if you have links or other tips to share, please send to webmaster@telopeapnc.org.au.

Music – try listening to french language music in the car (or blasted while cleaning the house). You can start with music for younger kids, but try some french hip hop to really test their listening skills.

Language CDs – buy some of those basic language audio programs on CD and play it in the car on the way to school every day.

Netflix has lots of french language programs, and lots of English programs that have been dubbed into french. For older kids there is some pretty good anime, such as Wakfu.

Further links

French distance education institution: www.cned.fr/

Lasouris – lots of resources for younger kids

Super Julie – reviews all types of apps for kids

Reve de Pan Printables

Petit bateau activity book

Animal alphabet:

Games for kids (by age)

Pomme d’Api stories

Une histoire et.. Oli stories

Kids United: French children’s pop group

Sweet Cabane cooking with kids in French and English

@coronaminus_kid: DIY & recipes to occupy the kids

@sophiefevrier: storytime (French books read aloud)


French highschool links