The Telopea Park School P&C (parents and citizens) association is YOUR association. All parents of TPS students are automatically members, and you can choose how you engage. You can sit back and enjoy the outcomes we achieve for all students, or you can get involved. Jump on in…the water is lovely!

Here’s what we do:

Meet twice a term: One meeting per term that’s open to everyone, with the school leaders and all parents invited. There’s wine to be had and we pride ourselves on having The. Best. Cheese. One meeting per term of P&C position holders and year coordinators to discuss issues of concern & plan the next faaabulous fundraiser once covid stops slamming us. (see the meeting page for details).

Advocate directly with school executives – when we see themes pop up from issues parents raise with us, our exec team meets with the relevant school leader to collaborate on solutions: from new approaches, fundraising needed equipment or shrugging our shoulders and simply saying c’est la vie, cos you can’t fix everything, eh?

Run year group message boards: on facebook or whatsapp so parents can raise issues of concern, discuss homework, ask ‘what day is my kid supposed to wear a green shirt?’ They are very handy groups for busy parents, cos it takes a village. We are your digital village.

Fundraise via eventsShow me the money! The TPS school fete is known and loved far and wide. But we do lots of other things too… french breakfasts, discos, raffle. And coming soon, outdoor movie nights! All funds go for some pretty useful stuff, like playgrounds, books and ‘funducational’ stuff that wouldn’t otherwise be possible.

So have a look around the site, and if you can’t find what you need, there is a list on contacts on the who we are page. We are always up for a chat.

Please consider subscribing to our contacts list so we can keep you up to date with happenings, and occasionally we conduct surveys to see what’s getting up your nose that needs to be fixed.