P&C Executive

The P&C Executive oversee the day-to-day management of the Telopea Park School Parents and Citizens Association. At the 1st AGM of the year, the group elected the following Telopea parents to the P&C Executive positions:

President Trish Lavery President@telopeapnc.org.au
Vice Presidents David Pullen, Colombe Bories VicePresident@telopeapnc.org.au
Secretary Clair Bannerman Secretary@telopeapnc.org.au
Assistant Secretary Pauline Halchuk
Treasurer Justin Brown Treasurer@telopeapnc.org.au
Assistant Treasurer Philippe Moncuquet
Public Officer Ann Evans PublicOfficer@telopeapnc.org.au
ACT P&C Council Delegate Asterie T. Niyonsenga ACT-PnC-CouncilDelegate@telopeapnc.org.au
Communications Officer & Webmaster Audrey Michiels Webmaster@telopeapnc.org.au
Assistant Communications Officer Pauline Cullen, Christine Sarafian
Before and After School Care Coordinator Sarah Milligan BeforeAfterSchoolCare@telopeapnc.org.au
Lost Property Nicola Smith, Dominique Oriel LostProperty@telopeapnc.org.au
Second Hand Uniform Shop Wendy Ho, Shaozhe (Sage) Wang SecondHandUniformShop@telopeapnc.org.au
Assistant Returning Officer for School Board Elections Ben Roudnew AssistantReturningOfficer@telopeapnc.org.au
Fete Coordinator Lisa Lockey FeteCoordinator@telopeapnc.org.au
Raffle Coordinator Rukshan Gunasekera RaffleCoordinator@telopeapnc.org.au

A description of each role including expected duties is available here Please note this is a draft document and the roles continue to evolve, dependent upon the occupant of the position and the time the have available to dedicate to the role.

If you would like to contact the P&C Executives, then please email Executives@telopeapnc.org.au.