P&C Executive

The P&C Executive oversees the day-to-day management of the Telopea Park School Parents and Citizens Association. At the 1st AGM of the year, the group elected the following Telopea parents to the P&C Executive positions:

President Jenn Foulcher President-at-telopeapnc.org.au
Vice Presidents Anselm Enders, Trish Roudnew VicePresident-at-telopeapnc.org.au
Secretary Larissa Lefevre Secretary-at-telopeapnc.org.au
Assistant Secretary Kate Gauthier Secretary-at-telopeapnc.org.au
Treasurer Alina Bryleva Treasurer-at-telopeapnc.org.au
Assistant Treasurer (Fete Treasurer) Wendy Ho Treasurer-at-telopeapnc.org.au
Public Officer Jenny Grant-Curnow PublicOfficer-at-telopeapnc.org.au
ACT P&C Council Delegate Paul Buckley ACT-PnC-CouncilDelegate-at-telopeapnc.org.au
Governance Committee Justin Brown Governance-at-telopeapnc.org.au
Webmaster Kate Gauthier Webmaster-at-telopeapnc.org.au
Communication Officers Celine Oudin, Deepthi Bhaskaran, Parul Parasher, Sandra Wiens, Tanya Young, Vidya Puneeth Communication-at-telopeapnc.org.au
Communication Assistant (Translators) Celine Oudin Communication-at-telopeapnc.org.au
Vice-President (Before and After School Care) Louise Hudson BeforeAfterSchoolCare-at-telopeapnc.org.au
Before and After School Care Coordinator David Pullen, Mary Lin, Thuy Van Mellor BeforeAfterSchoolCare-at-telopeapnc.org.au
School Board Chair Mary Welsh (ACT Govt rep)
School Board Parent Reps Clair Bannerman, Ric Curnow, Nitin Bagul schoolboardmembers-at-telopeapnc.org.au
Lost Property Coordinator Shamus Moore LostProperty-at-telopeapnc.org.au
Second Hand Uniform Shop Janelle Jorgensen, Wendy Ho, Shaozhe (Sage) Wang, Elvira Manjaji SecondHandUniformShop-at-telopeapnc.org.au
Uniform Shop Coordinator Larissa Lefevre UniformShopFeedback-at-telopeapnc.org.au
Assistant Returning Officer for School Board Elections Tui Davidson AssistantReturningOfficer-at-telopeapnc.org.au
Events / Fundraising Vice-President Team Bernice Mcintosh
Subo Weliamuna
Raffle Coordinator (IT and licenses) Parul Parasher


Raffle Coordinator (Prizes) Paul Buckley RaffleCoordinator-at-telopeapnc.org.au
Raffle Coordinator (Sales and Promotion) Shamus Moore RaffleCoordinator-at-telopeapnc.org.au
New Teacher Welcome Coordinator Penelope Andrews Welcome-at-telopeapnc.org.au
Class Coordinators 2020: Pass messages between the P&C/school and parents and back again and help the P&C find volunteers when needed
Kindi/Grande Section de Maternelle Melissa Felila, Alina Brylera, Racheline Jackson kindi_coordinator-at-telopeapnc.org.au
Year 1/CP Bernice Mcintosh, Jenn Foulcher year1_coordinator-at-telopeapnc.org.au
Year 2/CE1 Nathan Lee, Marsha Gomez year2_coordinator-at-telopeapnc.org.au
Year 3/CE2 Catherine Pontifer, Stacey Griffiths year3_coordinator-at-telopeapnc.org.au
Year 4/CM1 Kate Gauthier, Nabil Adhami year4_coordinator-at-telopeapnc.org.au
Year 5/CM2 Kate Gauthier year5_coordinator-at-telopeapnc.org.au
Year 6/6eme Penelope Andrews, Catherine Pontifex year6_coordinator-at-telopeapnc.org.au
Year 7/5eme Clair Bannerman, Subo Weliamuna year7_coordinator-at-telopeapnc.org.au
Year 8/4eme Ric Curnow, Rajika Warnakulasuriya year8_coordinator-at-telopeapnc.org.au
Year 9/3eme Tui Davidson, Paul Buckley year9_coordinator-at-telopeapnc.org.au
Year 10/2nde Jenny Grant-Curnow, Ric Curnow year10_coordinator-at-telopeapnc.org.au

A description of each role including expected duties is available here Please note this is a draft document and the roles continue to evolve, dependent upon the occupant of the position and the time they have available to dedicate to the role.

If you would like to contact the P&C Executives, then please email Executives@telopeapnc.org.au.