Meetings – 2015 Documents

The meeting agenda, minutes and associated reports are available here for you to download prior to each P&C meeting:


February 11th 2015 – Annual General Meeting

P&C AGM 2015 Agenda

SGM_Minutes&Attachments_P&C_December_2014 (Special General Meeting)

GM_Minutes&Attachments_P&C_December_2014 (General Meeting)

Principal’s Report for P&C 11 February 2015

Treasurer’s Report Feb-2015 (AGM)

For information about each officebearing role and committees, please refer to the following overview: TPS_2015_PNC_Positions_Descriptions


March 25th 2015

P&C Meeting_Agenda_2015_03_25


May 06th 2015

P&C Meeting Pack_2015_05_06


June 17th 2015

P&C Meeting_MeetingPack_2015_06_17

Updated P&C Meeting_Agenda_2015_06_17 and Principals Report

Treasurer’s Report Jun-2015


July 29th 2015

Revised Meeting Agenda – NEW!

P&C Meeting_Pack_2015_07_29

Proviseurs report P&C July 2015

Treasurer’s Report Jul-2015

Signed 2014 Management Letter

Signed 2014 Financial Statements and Audit Report



September 09th 2015

P&C Meeting_Pack_2015_09_09

Treasurer’s Report Sep-2015


October 21st 2015

P&C Meeting_Pack_2015_10_21

[Revised] P&C Meeting_Agenda_2015_10_21

21-Oct-2015_Traffic Subcommittee submission

December 9th 2015

 P&C Meeting_Pack_2015_12_09

Traffic Subcommittee Report

P&C council news