The P&C are listening to the needs of our community during this time and especially for those in isolation. In an effort to address some of these needs and to make everyone feel more connected and supported, P&C is organising sessions with social support services including PCYC, Helpline and others. The sessions are available to anyone who needs them.

The first session with Kids Helpline is locked in for 3 April 10:30 – 11:30.  As we get your expressions of interest, we will lock down the others based on need and offer additional sessions should the need exceed our capacity.

We are also cognisant of the learning schedules the school is putting together and fully understand that not everyone will be able to attend.

We are really excited to be the first school in Canberra to be offering these interactive wellbeing sessions and would love to get heaps of involvement!

For any of the sessions, register your interest here.


Documents and stories:

From Headspace:
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From the Australian Psychological Society:
Maintaining your mental health during social isolation
Tips for coping with coronavirus anxiety

From Scott Kelly, astronaut:
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From the Guardian:
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From Andrew Leigh, Member for Fenner (ACT):
If your kids are feeling a mite anxious, here’s a one-minute video I recorded for kids about how to look after your physical and mental wellbeing in the face of coronavirus.

From The Black Dog Institute:
10 tips for managing anxiety during COVID-19


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