P&C Meeting – Mar 28th

The next P&C meeting will be held on Wed 28 March at 7pm in the Senior Staff Room.

La prochaine réunion du P&C (association de parents d’élèves) aura lieu le mercredi 28 mars à 19h dans la salle ‘Senior Staff’.

All parents are invited to attend meetings of the P&C, you don’t have to be an office holder.

Come and hear about what is happening at the school and the exciting events planned for the students and the school community.

As well as its more official activities, the P&C provides an informal meeting ground for parents and teachers, and serves a fundraising function.


The Telopea P&C is a great way to:

  • get the inside story on what’s really happening in the school (not the gossip), the principal and school executive are usually is available to answer questions and teachers sometimes attend too
  • influence school policy (want to change the playground? Lobby through the P&C)
  • get more information on school policies and activities
  • contribute to Telopea’s resources through various fundraising projects such as the Fete and have your say on the allocation of P&C resources
  • Most importantly, meet other parents