Continuous Learning and Wellbeing

A Service of the Telopea Park School P&C


As we move further into the ‘continuous learning’ process, it is clear there is an abundance of ‘continuous learning’ and online learning tools, services and resources.

While some of these are better or more appropriate than others, our continuous learning journey over the coming months will demand much more of us than just finding the right resources.

We will have to:
1. Make good use of those resources, and
2. Safeguard our children’s wellbeing, our families’ wellbeing, and our own wellbeing.


On this webpage are links to:

Guidelines for Continuous Learning. A set of simple guidelines to assist you with continuing your children’s education while off campus.

Wellbeing page, including both links to sites offering wellbeing and counselling support for students and families, and to advice on how to prepare and cope with changing circumstances, lockdown and isolation.

Primary school learning support and activities for kids at home, in both French and English

Links for Highschool students, in both English and French

Highschool in the time of virus A blog tracking the early ‘continuous learning’ experiences of three secondary students and their family.

(Other pages to follow)


Continuous learning support from ACT and French governments:

The ACT Government has launched a resources to support home learning page, with resources classified by school years

For kids in the French stream, the CNED (French National Center for Distance Education) is offering free classes for all levels as part of the confinement under which France is living at the moment.


If you have queries or concerns about your children’s education off campus, you are welcome to bring those to any of the following P&C representatives, either by phone or email


Caveat: This webpage and those built with it are a community initiative that has not sought any official endorsement.