French Teach Buddy Program

French Teach Buddy Program

Each year Telopea Park School is fortunate to receive 5-7 new French teachers arriving to teach our children the French school curriculum at Telopea Park School. Some teachers arrive directly from France and others from other French speaking countries. They bring a wealth of knowledge and culture to our school.

Moving to a new country can be a stressful and the French Teacher Buddy Program is designed to assist incoming teachers to make a smooth transition and welcome them to Canberra. In the process we hope to create some memorable friendships and promote further understanding between our two countries.

Many teachers arrive with little knowledge of Canberra, the Australian culture and sometimes their accent in English makes it difficult for them to be easily understood. They are required to find their own accommodation and this process if often difficult to navigate in a new country with different rules and regulations.

What are you required to do as a Buddy?

• Send a friendly introductory email. Attend the P&C welcome event.
• Respond to any queries they may have about Canberra/Australia. This may include where to find groceries, services, restaurants, travel, suburb information and tourist information. Take them to IKEA etc.
• Be a friend.
• Invite them to dinner/lunch when they arrive and keep in contact monthly during their stay in Australia.

How to register to be part of the program?

To register to be involved in the program please send an email to including your name, contact details, children’s ages and years – if the incoming teacher has a family we will try and match your children’s ages to theirs.