XX Design Working Group – 10 Year Master Plan

Purpose of the Design Working Group (DWG)

The Design Working Group is an internal operational group that has been setup to guide the landscape design consultant, Redbox. These groups normally comprise staff from the Education and Training Directorate and the school executive. In the case of Telopea Park School landscape master plan,the group was extended to include student representatives and given the many likely views around the table, the Directorate invited Jacinda Still to Chair the group.

Development of the landscape master plan is an opportunity to look at what can be achieved and make sure that what is being considered reflects the current and future needs of the school. The school representatives will seek input from other school stakeholders and convey the information and feedback they receive to the landscape design consultant.


School Membership–Design Working Group

The DWG has lead the consultation process with the landscape consultants. The school representatives on this Group are the:

• Principal;

• Three Deputy Principals;

• French Proviseur;

• Head Physical Education Teacher;

• Business Manager; and

• Student representatives on the School Board.



The DWG considered that it was important to seek input from students, staff and parents/carers as well as the views from the group members. The DWG recommended to Redbox that they consult with the Playground sub-committee of the P&C, to understand the work and progress already undertaken by the sub-committee. Redbox are taking the feedback from students, staff and parents/carers into account in developing the landscape master options. Their work will also take into account the information provided by the Playground sub-committee and their prior experiences and research into formal sport, recreational and socialising spaces.

Operationally, the DWG works to reach agreement by consensus and all recommendations are made collectively.


Interactions between the Master Plan and the Tennis Courts

The Master Plan will address all external areas of the school grounds (including the whole of Montgomery Oval) and will contain options that both include and exclude the tennis courts.



The Master Plan is scheduled to be completed by late-August. The options will be presented to the Design Working Group, the School Board and the school community. The final master plan will be approved by the school executive, as this is considered a school operational matter. The Master Plan process will likely be concluded prior to any potential decisions by the ACT Government regarding Montgomery Oval. On that basis, the Education and Training Directorate has agreed to include options that allow for both land scenarios.


Further Information

For further information, please email Michele McLoughlin, Deputy Principal: Michele.McLoughlin@ed.act.edu.au

The DWG’s Terms of Reference can be found here: Terms of Reference – Telopea DWG