The P&C meetings are held in the 2nd and 8th weeks of each school term at 7.00pm, usually in the secondary staff room in the main administration building at the school. All parents are invited to attend.

An Annual General Meeting is held in February each year to elect the Executive, sub-committee and school committee representatives. Any P&C member is entitled to nominate for a position and newcomers are welcome.

A brief description of each role is available here: TPS P&C Positions Descriptions

If you are unable to attend a meeting and would like to discuss any issues of interest to you, feel free to contact the P&C President.

The meeting dates for the Telopea Park School P&C in 2018 are as follows. Please make a note of these dates in your calendar:

14 February (Annual General Meeting)

28 March

9 May

19 June

1 August

12 September

24 October

5 December