P&C Committees

Would you like to get involved in your school community?


The P&C Association welcomes parents and carers who are keen to support the school and help raise funds. Support and fundraising services are structured in the form of the P&C sub-committees. They coordinate their own activities but report to the P&C Executive. Sub-committees running this year include:


Fundraising and Sponsorship Sub-committee

This committee will ensure a coordinated approach to P&C fundraising activities and obtaining much needed sponsorship and grants for the fete, raffle and other activities. Team leaders are required for both the fete and the raffle to start organizing these events from quite early in the year.


Outside School Hours Care 

This sub-committee oversees the Outside School Hours Care Program which is run as a fully licenced and accredited out of school hours care provider with permanent and casual staff. It comprises a Chair, Treasurer and Secretary. Sub-committee meetings are held once a term and all parents are invited to attend.


Playground Sub-committee

The P&C has allocated a significant amount of funding for projects related to the revitalization of the school  playground. This committee will liaise closely with the school in determining the parameters of these projects and for progressing the ideas put forward from last year’s committee regarding a master plan to guide all smaller projects. This is an important
sub-committee as the school will be experiencing an increase in child numbers from 2017 onwards.


Traffic Sub-committee

This committee looks at traffic issues around the school and how to improve safety for students. If driver behaviour and parking around the school bothers you, please contact the P&C Exec and we’ll put you in touch with the coordinator of this group.